Tuck Everlasting Blog Tour


Like many people, I constantly asked myself while reading Tuck Everlasting whether or not I would drink from the spring. Given the chance, would I choose to live forever?

Tuck Everlasting 40th Anniv_Cover Image


I still can’t decide, but that didn’t stop me from asking my third graders the same question.

Here are some of their response.

  • I wouldn’t do it. 1 reason is when my Mom and Dad and my whole family dies, I would be down here all alone. The second reason is soon you would be really, really, really,really,really board. The last reason is everybody needs to die, its part of your life!! Those are 3 reasons why I wouldn’t drink from that fountain.        – Dominick
  • If there was a magic fountain that will make me live forever I would drink out of it. Then I will live forever. I may get hurt but I will not die at all.  I will have fun meeting more people. – Chloe
  • If I drank out of a magic fountain, I would be awesome and I would become a rockstar, but I would not be one for to long because I would get too old and start to get so old that my voice box could get broken. Thats why I would like to drink that. -Naida
  • Yes, I would drink out of a magic water fountain because: it would be so cool I would get to read all the books ever invented. -Kilee
  • I would like to travel the world and explore new places that I have never been to before. I would get something from every place I would go. I think that would be amazing and really cool to travel the world. I would also do stuff I love like reading,writing and other stuff.  I think it would be awesome to live forever. – Leslie
  • Living forever is going to be cool because you never die you get to see your family for as long as they live. But I wouldn’t want to live forever because once your whole family dies its just you in the family you won’t get to see your family and friends you would be the only one with no family. -Nick

I still don’t know what I would do.

The anniversary edition is in bookshops now. Check it out here.


4 thoughts on “Tuck Everlasting Blog Tour

  1. This is the first thought provoking book I remember reading. I had just started at a new school and I fell immediately in love with the place that introduced me to books like Tuck Everlasting. Such an amazing book…


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