5 Things I Loved About the Last Seven Days 3/6/15

I could start this post by talking about how crazy of a week I’ve had, but I’m beginning to realize that all weeks as an educator are crazy. Instead, I’m going to just get into all the great things that happened over the last week.


1. A Library Card

I can very vividly remember when I got my library card as a child. It’s a moment that will forever be etched in my memory. A right of passage. Earlier this week at conferences I suggested to a third grader and his mom that he get his very own library card.

He came to class two days later with the biggest smile on his face.

2. Slice of Life My students are slicing this month. I am really enjoying watching them capture moments from their lives.  

3. Guest Readers Each day this month we are welcoming a guest reader into our classroom. I love that my students are learning that readers come from everywhere, and not two readers are the same.  

3. Special Delivery Day

On Tuesday, my students and I celebrated World Read Aloud Day by reading Philip Stead and Matthew Cordell’s Special Delivery. After reading the beautiful book we mailed postcards to Jennifer Reed’s students on the east coast.

https://vine.co/v/O0vKVj1wYaF/embed/simple?audio=1<script src=”https://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js”></script&gt;

https://vine.co/v/O0vAnvQYu9J/embed/simple<script src=”https://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js”></script&gt;

4. Fifth Graders

I enjoy teaching third grade, but I really miss learning with older readers. During conferences I ran into some fifth graders in the hall selling dinner tickets for our family reading night. The night was more than half over and they had only sold 3 tickets. I told them that if they could sell 25 tickets by the end of the night I would give them any book in my classroom. They immediately upped their game. They ended up selling 31 tickets. The next morning they showed up at my door excited to pick up their new book. I had a blast book talking a bunch of great 2015 books to them, and I love the smiles on their faces as they walked out the door with a great book in their hands.


5. Swimming

Alaina and I have been taking the kids to the Albion College pool whenever we get the opportunity. It’s a great way to get away from the constant work staring at us in the face at home, and the kids absolutely love every minute at the pool. It’s becoming my favorite family activity.




2 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About the Last Seven Days 3/6/15

  1. This is all great stuff, Colby, as always. LOVE the kids getting books from your class and they picked great ones! And the pool—oh, the pool 🙂 I do miss swimming!


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