The Deborah Freedman Trifecta


I’m super-duperty-duper excited to be celebrating Deborah Freedman’s By Mouse & Frog today with Nerdy Book Club and Mr. Johnny Schu.

Be sure to check out Mr. Schu’s post over at Watch.Connect.Read.

Deborah has created one of the all-time best Nerdy Book Club posts. Check it out!

nerdy monster

I’ve been thinking for weeks the best way for me to celebrate Deborah’s beautiful book on my blog. I almost feel like Deborah’s brilliance can not be summed up with the words I’m able to type on my computer.

Deborah Freedman’s books are always special. When you see a Freedman illustration you know it. When you read a Freedman story you know it. She’s pretty freakin’ spectacular.

One thing that I love so much about Deborah’s work is that it feels alive. Her books feel 3D. I would almost say that reading a Freedman book feels like you are watching an animated movie, but that doesn’t fit. Her illustrations jump off the page more than I’ve ever seen a 3D film jump off of the screen.

Another thing that I love about Deborah’s books are her characters. Whether it is Fish & Snail or Mouse & Frog she manages to capture the relationships in such a real way for children. That sounds weird doesn’t it? A story about a mouse and a frog and a story about a fish and a snail perfectly portraying the world that our children live and grow and learn in.


I adore Deborah Freedman. Her work is brilliant. She seems like the coolest person on the planet, and she makes beautiful books for kids.

What more could you ask for in a person?

If I could meet any person in the universe it would be Deborah. I’d have lunch with her. I’d speak as little as possible, so that I could soak it all in.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Please read By Mouse & Frog. It’s perfect.


2 thoughts on “The Deborah Freedman Trifecta

  1. Now I feel very lucky and more than a little nervous about hosting a Skype session with Deborah Freedman Tuesday. She will read her new book to my 1st grade students and we will ask her questions. I’m so excited about this!


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