A Morning With Mr. Bob Shea

Yesterday the students at Parma Elementary had an AMAZING morning with Mr. Bob Shea.    We started the day with “Breakfast with Bob”. Mr. Shea did a great job working the room.  We had about 10 extra Shea books on hand for the visit. They all sold in the first 10 minutes. Note to self: always purchase too many books.  One of the highlights of the morning was seeing parents reading picture books with their children.   Nearly half of my third grade class made came in for breakfast. I loved seeing them share their favorite books with their families.  Fact: authors are rock stars.  My little AJ was very excite, and a little nervous, to meet Bob. AJ LOVES his new Ballet Cat series.   Yes, it is possible for someone to complete captivate a room FULL of 5-8 year olds.   There is nothing like watching an illustrator draw.        Bob needed a little help drawing Unicorn, so he called up one of our Parma leaders.  This first grader will never forget this moment.


  Bob LOVES his fans.  It never gets old watching my own children meet the authors that they adore.  My third grades were very excited to learn that they could paint their thank-you cards to Mr. Shea. A big thanks to Mr. Shea for treating each and every student at Parma like a million bucks.

Bob is a winner!


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