5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Interview: Tracey Baptiste

I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. I’m super excited about the book I’m featuring here on sharpread today. The Jumbies is a 2015 book that you do not want to miss. WARNING: it is pretty darn scary. I think it is very hard to do write a middle grade book that is scary, well-written and appropriate for young readers. The Jumbies nailed all three.

5,4,3,2,1 Interview

Can you tell me a little bit about The Jumbies?

The Jumbies is a mashup of Haitian and Trinidadian folklore and culture. It is inspired by a Haitian folktale, but includes Trinidadian jumbies like the douen and lagahoo. I wrote it because as much as I loved fairy tales when I was a girl, there were no jumbie stories in books, so I wanted to fix that. The main character, Corinne, goes into the forest one day and a jumbie follows her out. The jumbie’s goal is to take over the island starting with Corinne’s family, but Corinne is not having that! (5)


2. What is your favorite thing about being an author?

My favorite thing about being an author is making stuff up! A close second is talking with other people who love books. (2)

3. What’s the hardest thing about being an author?

These days, the hardest thing about being a writer is dodging phone calls from jumbies who have VERY SERIOUS QUESTIONS for me. Kidding! Writing is really hard for me, and I often get very impatient and want to be done when I still have a lot of work to do.  (3)

4. If you could spend one day inside the world of any book which book would you pick?

If I could spend a day in a book it would be a Harry Potter book for sure. Probably book 1, before everything goes bonkers. I’d really like to watch a quidditch match and see if I can dodge the whomping willow. And I hope someone would send me a letter by owl. (4)

5. What advice do you have for the young writers in my classroom?

Don’t be afraid to say what you really want to say. (1)



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