10 Minute Review: Orbiting Jupiter


I recently finished Gary Schmidt’s Orbiting Jupiter. His latest masterpiece is one of the best books I have read in 2015.

Before reading Orbiting Jupiter I only knew 3 things.

1. Many of my teacher, librarian, and author friends loved the book.

2. It is pretty short (less than 200 page).

3. It deals with some issues issues that make the book blur the middle grade – young adult line.

Before reading Orbiting Jupiter I actually thought I knew a lot more about the book, but prepping for Nerd Camp and adjusting to life with a fourth kid has me much less in the know that I have been in the past.

Not knowing much about a brilliant book before reading can be such an amazing experience. At times it feels like being uber-connected online can fill my head with all sorts of things, good and bad, about a book before reading. Going in fresh has become such a rare and refreshing experience.

I’m not going to say anything about what happens in this book. Maybe, just maybe, you know as little about this book as me. Lucky you. You have the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful settings and all encompassing stories you have read in ages.


4 thoughts on “10 Minute Review: Orbiting Jupiter

  1. I loved this book and honestly everything Gary Schmidt does! I read it while listening to Navigating Early by Claire Vanderpool and thought both were excellent deep and insightful reads.


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