The students of Parma Elementary are the luckiest kids in the universe. Not only do they get to be the host school for Nerd Camp Junior, they also get to host the one and only Katherine Applegate for an author visit September 22. That’s right, we’re hosting Ms. Applegate the day Crenshaw comes out. Somebody pinch me!

Hosting an author on the 11th day of school isn’t the easiest thing in the world. We won’t have time to read Crenshaw or The One and Only Ivan, so we needed a way to be able to throw ourselves into the visit. I’m so thankful that Katherine and Macmillan are throwing a giant food drive to help support hungry children across our great nation.


I’ll introduce the food drive the second or third day of school, and I’m hoping that my students will be as excited about it as I am. We’ll make and hang posters throughout the school, we’ll Skype with other classrooms explaining what we’ve learned about childhood hunger, and we’ll bring in a whole bunch of nonperishable food.


My hope is that you will consider joining us. If you’d like more information about the food drive you can visit the official Crenshaw website.


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