Crenshaw Trifecta


I always associate my friendship with Mr. Schu with the book The One And Only Ivan. Mr. Schu and I were friends before Ivan, but it was our love for that book that helped us take our friendship to the next level. It seems fitting that today we celebrate Katherine Applegate’s latest novel together today. Please visit Mr. Schu’s blog to see his celebration of this beautiful book.

Katherine has written a beautiful post for Nerdy Book Club today. It’s a must read!


For my third of the trifecta I’ve decided to share how the students of Parma Elementary have prepared for Katherine Applegate’s author visit (Today. She’s coming today!!!).

Hosting an author visit the eleventh day of school is a little tricky. I usually spend a little bit of time each day for about a month prepping my students for an author visit. Thankfully, every fourth and fifth grader in our school has already had Ms. Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan read aloud to them. The Parma third graders started the year as the only students not familiar with her work.

I kicked off the year reading aloud my students the first book in Katherine’s Roscoe Riley Rules series. It was a gigantic hit!


We also watched a bunch of Katherine Applegate videos.

The most powerful piece of author visit prep for the students at Parma has been participating in the Crenshaw Food Drive. Watching the Parma students come together to do their part to fight childhood hunger has been inspiring.


We kicked off the food drive by bringing Mrs. Woolworth’s class to my classroom where our students spent some time together learning about childhood hunger. It was a lot of fun leading a lesson with 50 kids.


We watched this powerful video.

After a quick lesson, and a quick video the kids got hard at work creating food drive posters to hang in the hallway.

FullSizeRender-8 FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-10

The kids hung the posters in the hall, and we only had one more step before our food drive could officially be underway. We had to let our Parma families know. My principal, Ms. Haney, uses this cool all-call system that allows her to record a message that gets sent to each parent via a phone call. We decided that it would be cool for the food drive to have students record the message instead of Ms. Haney. My class drafted a message, selected a couple of students as readers, and then sent them to the office to record the message that would be sent to 400+ sets of parents.

My little friends in Ms. Haney's office before they record their message.

My little friends in Ms. Haney’s office before they record their message.

The results of the food drive have been amazing. I’m so proud of these kids. I can’t wait for them to meet Katherine Applegate.






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