5 Things I Loved About the Last 7 Days -10/30/2015

I have been a pretty terrible writer on this blog the last three months. Between coaching 8th grade football and starting off the school year I had to give something up, so I kind of abandoned sharpread. I’m going to try and do a little more blogging now that the year is settling in and football is over.

5 Things

  1. McToad Mows Tiny Island

I think Tom Angleberger is brilliant. Everything he creates cracks me up, and his latest picture book does not disappoint. Reading it aloud to my third graders on Thursday (YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK ON A THURSDAY) was such a joy. The kids thought it was a hoot. Reading McToad Mows a Tiny Island will remind teachers why they love teaching little people.


2. #SharpSchu

Last night I got to co-host the #SharpSchu Twitter book club with my pal Mr. Schu. We had a lot of fun and the turn out was great. I think we did a darn good job celebrating two amazing 2015 graphic novels.


3. Halloween!

Halloween completely stresses me out. My third graders are like a ticking time bomb all day at school. I keep worrying that they will explode before our party at 2:30. Even with all the stress, I appreciate the magical day. My students love it. My own kids love it. It is probably worth the headache.

I love my little gumball machine.

I love my little gum-ball machine.

4. Playoffs!

Last Friday night my school made the football playoffs for the first time. Most of my family has played for our beloved Panthers, so it was extra sweet that my brother is on this year’s historic team.


5. Because of Winn-Dixie

I’ll finish reading aloud Kate DiCamillo’s Winn Dixie to my third graders Monday afternoon. It’s my favorite read aloud, and the more I read it the more I think that it might be the best book ever written for kids. It is perfect.



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