The Yarn- Anne Ursu: The Real Boy Unravelled


I am very excited to be able to share the first episode in the new series from The Yarn: The Unraveller. We’re modeling this series after the podcast Song Exploder. We’d love to know what you think.

In this episode Anne Ursu shares where she got the idea for The Real Boy, why she wrote the book, and more!

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We’re giving away the signed copy of The Real Boy that Anne Ursu reads from in this episode. The giveaway runs through 12/31/2015.




One thought on “The Yarn- Anne Ursu: The Real Boy Unravelled

  1. Very excited by The Yarn and extending the conversation around books and authors. Hearing what went into a book, what was happening with the author during the crafting of the story, what she wants to accomplish in sitting down to write, what she hopes readers take away from a story – all of this just enhances the reading experience. Lovely effort. Here’s to seeing more!


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