10 Minute Review: Mother Bruce

Last week, when my students finished our Mock Caldecott unit, I began shifting my attention to 2016 books. I knew that I had missed some 2015 gems, but in order to be on top of 2016, I felt like I needed to begin planning a new reading year.

Then I got a package.

The package contained Mother Bruce. I set it on a counter in my classroom, and began getting ready for the day. We finished up our morning work, and my students began reading. We paused, like we always do around 9:00 to say the pledge, and then I got an itch to read them a picture book. We’ve been studying nonfiction the last few days, and I just wasn’t feeling my main idea lesson.

mother bruce

As my students headed to the carpet I realized that I didn’t really have a picture book to read them. I grabbed Mother Bruce of the counter, and strolled over to our meeting area. Most of the time I’ve read the text that I read aloud to my students multiple times before I read it to them. This time I was just winging in.

And it was magical.


We laughed, we thought, we discussed Ryan T. Higgins’s wonderful book. Bruce is such a fun main character, and the kids loved how ridiculous he could be at times.

After reading Mother Bruce one of my students came up to me and said that Mother Bruce, Wolfie The Bunny, and McToad Mows Tiny Island are the three funniest books we’ve read all year. I agreed with him. My readers are so stinkin’ smart.


If you’re still looking for great 2015 books to read, I hope that you’ll add Mother Bruce to your list. It’s phenomenal.

P.S. About a half hour after reading Mother Bruce I taught my main idea lesson. It went well. 🙂



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