I Can’t Stop Thinking About Lily and Dunkin


When I look at the title to this post I can’t figure out if I can’t stop thinking of Lily and Dunkin the characters or Lily and Dunkin the book. Probably a little bit of both.

I had the honor this past week of reading Donna Gephart’s forthcoming book Lily and Dunkin. The book doesn’t come out until May 0f 2016, so writing this post makes me feel like a bit of a jerk. Here I am, writing about a book that can’t be purchased until the end of the school year.

I’m sorry, but I just have to write about this book.

This book.


Lily and Dunkin blew me away. I feel like I spent half my time reading this book falling in love with the characters, half my time thinking about specific kids that I want to hand this book to, half my time thinking about what haters are going to try and say about this book, and half my time crying. That’s a lot of halves, but I’m sure that many of you understand that sometimes we read a book with more than our whole selves. We read a book with the whole world in our heart. That’s how I read this book.

Lily is a transgender girl. Dunkin is a boy that is bipolar. They meet at the end of the summer before their eighth grade year. I am sure that you will hear more about the story in the coming months, but you won’t hear it from me. I want every reader to get a chance to experience this book for themselves. My hope is that their experience with Lily and Dunkin isn’t clouded by my praise, or others critiques.

Today, I’m passing Lily and Dunkin to the captain of the eighth grade football team that I coach. He is an amazing kid, and I know that this book will help him grow into a man that this world needs. I can’t wait to talk to him about Lily and Dunkin!

I think that Lily and Dunkin will have a huge impact on a lot of readers, so I hope that you’ll consider adding it to your to-read list. The world is a better place because this book exists, and I am a better man.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Thinking About Lily and Dunkin

  1. I’m so envious you can read advanced copies. I love it when you hype up a new book. I am your target audience. I can’t wait for this important book to hit the mass market so I can get my greedy little hands on it. It is going to open up a wonderful, important conversation!

    Thanks for all your hype,


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