My Students Love Bill Thomson

My students have always loved Bill Thompson’s books. We’ve read Chalk, Fossil and Typewriter this year. Today I asked them to tell me what it is that they love about Mr. Thomson’s work. They responded with a partner on a Padlet I created.


Here are some of their responses:

  • We think Bill Thomson dose a really good job with making something funny come out of something scary. He also makes the characters come to life in scary moments and funny moments: In Type Writer they run around crazy when the huge crab appeared. Also in  Fossil and Type Writer Bill Thomson makes something magical happen.
  • We think that bill Thomson puts awesome details and pictures in his books. 
  • We think that it was cool how Bill Thomson in Typewriter and Fossil put like in Typewriter what they typed it came to life and in Fossil what was in the rock came to life. We also liked how he makes every picture realistic.
  • I love how in Bill Thomson’s books the characters have to figure out how the magic works. 
  • I love how in the Typewriter and Fossil there is magic in them. I love how in Fossil and The Typewriter both have a problem in it. I think that the Typewriter & Fossil also Chalk actually have magic in it & that’s what makes it so magical.  

  •  We like how he makes the stuff come alive and then disappear. Another thing we like is Bill Thomson put a lot of details in the pictures. 
  • Bill Thomson  uses a lot of details in his pictures. He fills up all his pages with a background and leaves no white spaces. He doesn’t put words because the pictures tell the story. 
  •  I like how in Fossil and The Typewriter  the characters don’t talk. In both books Bill Thomson makes the things comes to life. Both books have good illustrations. 

As you can see, my students are huge Bill Thomson fans. Can you blame them? His illustrating and storytelling skills are phenomenal.

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