Setting Personal Reading Goals


I’m trying to do a better job of helping my students set personal reading goals, and developing a plan to accomplish that goal. It has been fun to see their goals change as they grow as readers. At the beginning of the year, many of sets goals that you would expect from 8 year olds. I want to read harder books. I want to read big books. I don’t want to have a goal. I still had a couple of kids that set a goal of reading longer books. I talked with them about what that really meant. In doing so I learned a lot about them as a reader, and they learned a lot about themselves.

Here are a some of the goals they set:

  • Read one book at a time.
  • Read the same book at home and at school.
  • Read more at home.
  • Try reading a couple of fantasy books.
  • Find a new series to read.
  • Know what book I might read next.
  • Understand why an author chooses to write books in certain points of view.
  • Remember to bring my book with me to school.

I like to think their goals reflect the growth in their understandings of what it means to be a reader. Heck, many of the goals they are setting are the same that I set for myself at different times during the year.


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