Same Table – Same Book

I’m always fascinated when a book goes from nobody in my classroom reading it, to multiple kids in my classroom reading it. I was in the middle of a reading conference this morning with a student reading a Weird School book when I noticed that two students at the table next to me were reading Dork Diaries. Now Dork Diaries is a fine series, but it is one that hasn’t made the rounds in my classroom this year.


I’m not exactly sure how these two students ended up reading the same book. I think I’llΒ ask them tomorrow. My hunch is that one of them was reading it and they started talking about it, probably while I was trying to teach them about fractions, and their classmate thought it sounded pretty good.

As the year has progressed, it has been wonderful to see their reliance on me for book recommendations go down, as their knowledge about books has gone up.


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