A Few Surprises In The Classroom Library

I was out of school  the end of last week for Keicher Elementary’s tech day. It seems like I always find a few surprises when I return from a day out of the classroom. Yesterday was no different.

When I walked into my classroom I noticed that I had a whole bunch of new graphic novels in one of my graphic novel tubs. The books were written by two of my third graders. They decided that other kids would probably want to read their work, so they added it to our classroom library.

image2 (1)


I decided not to say anything about these new treasures. Instead, I figured I’d wait and see what happened. What happened was these books were on fire. I bet that more than half my class read at least one of their graphic novels during independent reading.

As the day progressed I noticed that they had placed other books they had written in both the fantasy tub and the Bob Shea tub (because they used Bob’s characters in the story).

image1 (2)

At the end of the day, I asked the boys about their work, and they gave me a couple of goofy grins and then they walked away.

I cannot wait to see where their little experiment takes our class. If I had to bet, I’d put my money on more books showing up in our classroom library tubs over the next few weeks. It makes me feel very proud that my students have the confidence to place their writing alongside their heroes.


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