Guest Post: Jess Keating Introduces “Write With Jess Keating”

I’m honored to be able to introduce Jess Keating‘s new video writing series: Writing With Jess. These VIDEOS are AMAZING resources for educators. 

Take it away, Jess!

When I was 9 years old, I was lucky enough to attend my first real-life writer’s conference. I say “real-life” because before that point, I’m pretty sure I thought books magically appeared on shelves. I didn’t realize they were written by real, living people!

But meeting an author in real life changed all of that.

I’ve always had the writing bug and loved telling stories. I’ve also always been obsessed with books. I wanted to read everything I could get my hands on. But before that day, I never really thought I could write them. Seeing an author speak about writing changed my life. Hearing that they worked hard at it—that it wasn’t just some incredible talent they had from birth—made me start to wonder: could I write books myself?

I was reminded of that first writers conference when I saw Colby Sharp’s session at the New England Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators last weekend. Colby is an amazing presenter, and he showcased all the amazing ways he celebrates reading in the classroom. How can authors help teachers spread book love in the classroom?

One of the ways he suggested was videos. Those of you who know me also know that I’m a huge fan of videos! I knew then that I wanted to make something special for all the young would-be writers out there. I hear from a lot of readers who want to write, but they’re intimidated by the process. I wanted to inspire them to tell their own stories, like I was once inspired to tell mine.

So today, I’m happy to reveal a new series of videos called “Write with Jess Keating”. I designed these to be quick and snappy, easy for teachers to use in the classroom to get young readers and writers inspired to write. Each answers a common writing question I’ve heard from kids, and includes a writing call to action, along with fun insights into being a ‘real’ writer. Right now, there are ten videos in the series, but I’ll add more in the future. Teachers, if your kids have pressing writing questions, send them my way!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this series! And a massive nerdy thank you to Colby Sharp for reminding me of my 9 year old self. I wish every kid had a teacher as awesome as you!

About Jess Keating

As a zoologist turned middle grade and picture book author, Jess Keating has been sprayed by skunks, bitten by crocodiles, and been a victim to the dreaded paper cut. Her debut novel, How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied was followed by two sequels, earning a Kirkus star, a Red Maple nomination, a Rocky Mountain Book Award nomination, and a spot on the LA Times Summer Book Pick List. 

Her nonfiction picture book series kicks off with PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH, with a sequel to follow in 2017.  Her first picture book biography, SHARK LADY, will also be published in 2017.  She has a Masters degree in Animal Science and a growing collection of books that are threatening to take over her house. She lives in Ontario, Canada, where she loves hiking, nerdy documentaries, and writing books for adventurous and funny kids. 

Jess is also the creator, writer and host of Animals for Smart People, a Youtube series about animals, science, and nature.

Find her on Twitter @Jess_Keating and on Facebook @JessKeatingBooks!



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