#ClassroomBookADay : August 2016

This year my students are participating in #ClassroomBookADay. At the end of each day we read a picture book together. We read other texts during the day as well, and I’m going to include them in my end of the month #ClassroomBookADay round-ups. I’ll also share the books guest readers read to my students. Feel free to call me out on any holes in the texts I’m sharing with my squad. I’ve already noticed some holes myself. Yikes!

Hopefully sharing the texts I share with my students each month will help me hold myself accountable. My students deserve to be exposed to lots of different types of books. I know that I need to read more nonfiction aloud. I know that I need to introduce my students to more diverse authors. I’ll get there. I promise.

Below you will find the books read to my students the first seven days of the school year.



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