Six Things I Love About My Class


1. They are huggers. Third graders tend to show their love through hugs, but this year’s class is quicker to dish out the hugs than any class I’ve had before. It is hard to have a bad day when 8 year-olds are dishing out a bunch of hugs.


2. They love graphic novels. I’m pretty confident that statement would be true with just about any third grade classroom where kids are encouraged to read comics. I never tire of seeing kids discover Babymouse, Lunch Lady, and Zita the Spacegirl.

3. They are honest. Kids are generally pretty honest, but this year’s class may contain the most honest group of kids that I have ever been around. I’ll be like, “Did you take that out of so and so’s locker ?” and they’ll be like, “Yes. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” It makes my heart sing!

4. They love picture books. No surprise here. I think if given the chance, every human in the world would say that they love picture books. What’s not to love?


5. They cherish read alouds. I LOVE reading aloud to this year’s group. I can’t finish a book without a bunch of hands shooting up with hope that I’ll let them add the book to their book basket.


6. They are book hoarders. Their book baskets are full. Their seat sacks are overflowing with books. Some kids have run out places to hoard books, so they are now sitting on a stack of books. I swear, this one girl in my class has been sitting on Molly Idle’s Flora series for a week. Part of me wants to help her find another place to store the books, and part of me want to wait it out and see how long she’ll sit on the flamingo, penguin and peacock.



3 thoughts on “Six Things I Love About My Class

  1. Good Morning Mr. Sharp ~ I am a fan. Couldn’t wait to read your 6 reasons. However, I discourage book hoarders. I know the feeling and am VERY guilty of hoarding books too. It is a Catch 22. Hoarding takes the book out of circulation for others to enjoy. My classroom SSR chart reads ~ “No hoarding books in desks”. Thank goodness we have a plethora of authors and illustrators who keep us supplied with sooooo many good reads !

    Have a good day ! Rebecca Sharp May (we may be related)


  2. Love this list and love 8 year olds. Don’t tell, but when I visit schools, I am rather partial to the 3rd graders, just coming out of those first 7 magical years. You are lucky to have them and they are lucky to have you. Match made in….the library? 🙂


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