Trying to Not Obsess About Shiny Stickers

I spent most of 2012 completely obsessed with which book was going to win the Newbery Medal. It was out of control.

I think this video does a nice job of showing just how obsessed I was. The video ran the weekend before the 2013 Youth Media Awards.

As happy as I was that The One and Only Ivan won the Newbery Medal, that shiny sticker didn’t change how I felt about Ivan. I am glad it helped put Ivan in front of more readers. For that I am grateful.

I’m going to spend the next week trying hard not to obsess over which book I think is going to win shiny stickers, and instead focus on celebrating all the wonderful books people are creating for the kids in our homes, classrooms, and libraries.



One thought on “Trying to Not Obsess About Shiny Stickers

  1. There have been so many wonderful books this year; it has been fun to give Book Talks! I have loved so many and am thankful to everyone who has shared titles of great books!


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