Ryan T. Higgins Visits The Village

Yesterday, author/illustrator Ryan T. Higgins visited the students of Parma Elementary. It was a magical day.

We kicked off the day with a free breakfast for all Parma Elementary families. Our PTA purchased $1000 worth of Ryan’s books for us to give away to students. We gave each family that attended the breakfast a copy of one of Ryan’s books. It was a perfect start to our day. We had more than 200 people go through the breakfast line!

student parent reading 1.jpg

paul reading.jpg

student parent reading 2.jpg

ryan signing books.jpg

Ryan did two assemblies in the morning. He was able to meet with 400+ students. Ryan is a captivating speaker. I think each and every child (and adult) left feeling inspired.

ryan whole group.jpg

One of my favorite parts of Ryan’s visit was when he created art in front of the kids. He had them give him a bunch of different animal suggestions, and then he mashed them together to create a new creature. My first grade daughter went back to her classroom and created a giraffe/hippo/penguin creature. Author visits inspire kids to create!

After the visit I interviewed Ryan for The Yarn, and Ryan and I did a Facebook Live video on the Nerdy Book Club channel FB page (below).


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