2017: The Year of The Picture Book Read Aloud

There is nothing like reading a picture book aloud to children. Each day with my third graders ends with me reading them a picture book on the carpet. It is the perfect way to end a school day.

Friday afternoons Margie Culver visits my classroom and reads aloud to my students. My students adore her, and LOVE listening to her read aloud. I knew that she would be a huge hit with my students. What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would love her read alouds. I rarely have the opportunity to sit in a classroom with a bunch of kids while a Read Aloud Master shares a book with kids. Margie is crazy good at reading aloud.

I feel like 2017 is filled with tons of great picture books to read aloud to kids. I can’t tell if 2017 is a really strong year, or if I am just noticing more great read alouds because I’m getting a chance to be on the receiving end of read alouds more this year.

Here are some 2017 picture books that are great for read alouds.


Written by: Rob Sanders

Art by: Dan Santat


I read this book to 3 of my kids on Saturday. It was a hoot. They were flipping out. If you read this one aloud to kids, don’t do it cuddled up in a chair. You’ll need to stand up, and get really into it. Rodzilla reminded me of the first Lego Movie. I’m really looking forward to reading it aloud to my third graders.

The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Written by: Drew Daywalt

Art by: Adam Rex


Margie read this one to my third graders on Friday. They were all about it. Rock, Paper, and Scissors demand that you read their characters to life with charisma. I can’t think about this book without smiling.

By Quiet!

Words and Art by: Ryan T. Higgins

be quiet.jpg

If you haven’t read this book, this is what you need to do.

  1. Pick up two friends
  2. Drive to your favorite independent bookshop. (I recommend Bookbug)
  3. Find the book Be Quiet!
  4. Each of you select a mouse
  5. Perform a reader’s theater for everyone in the bookshop


Word by

Art by: Erin Stead


Thirty years ago people would have thought that this book was gorgeous. Today people think this book is gorgeous. Thirty years from now people will think this book is gorgeous.

Animal Ark

Words by: Kwame Alexander

Photographs by: Joel Satore



It feels a little bit like Kwame Alexander is taking over the world.

Can an Aardvark Bark?

Words by: Melissa Stewart

Art by: Steve Jenkins


Beautifully written text: Check

Amazing illustrations: Check

Outstanding design: Check


I asked my pals on Twitter to share some of their favorite 2017 picture book read alouds. You’ll find their responses below.


3 thoughts on “2017: The Year of The Picture Book Read Aloud

  1. How wonderful that you end each day with a picture book read aloud! It’s great that you are taking the time to add this to your day. Also, Thank you for all of these great titles! So many are new to me. They are on my library list.



  2. So lucky that you have Margie nearby!! I loved Elaine Magliaro’s Things to Do for a read aloud (and XO, OX) 🙂


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