10 Things I’m Going To Miss About Teaching Third Graders

It is pretty wild to think that my school year ends Thursday.  I’m moving to fifth grade next year, and I can’t help but think about how cool it will be to have some of this year’s students again in a couple of years.

Here are some things I’m going to miss about my class and teaching third grade.

1. Their Smiles

Is there anything as precious as the smiles of a group of third graders? Their love of learning and joy in everything they do will be missed. I hope fifth graders are as happy as third graders.

IMG_1903 (2).JPG

2. Basketball

Playing basketball with my students during afternoon brain break is one of my favorite parts of the day. It has been wild to see how much better they have gotten this year. I’m sure that by the time they get to fifth grade, they will totally dominate me.

IMG_1050 (1).JPG


3. Reading Aloud

We have a few chapter left in our class read aloud, and I am going to savor each and every word. Introducing them to characters like Ivan and Ruby (The One and Only Ivan), and Opal (Because of Winn Dixie) makes my heart happy. I hope they continue to find characters that help them grow and make them think.

4. Classroom Meetings

Sitting around the carpet with a bunch of third graders trying to get to know each other and solve the world’s problems is a great way to spend some time. My third graders are thoughtful, caring, and kind. The world needs them.

5. Stuff

I am always amazed by the things third graders bring to school: Legos, fidget spinners, baseball cards, walkie-talkies, and about a billion other things. You never know what they are going to pull out of their backpacks. It was WAY more interesting than any unboxing video you are going to find on YouTube.

6. Anticipation 

The excitement my students have about everything is crazy. They remind me a little bit of Will Ferrell in Elf. I have learned a lot from them about celebrating life.


7. Mr. Sharp Mr. Sharp Mr. Sharp 

As exhausting as it can be at times, I’m going to miss my students saying my name three times in a row (really fast with lots of excitement) when they want to get my attention. “Mr. Sharp! Mr. Sharp! Mr. Sharp!”

8. Can I…

This year’s class loves to ask me if they can do things.

Can I bring my bearded dragon to school?

Can I give a book talk?

Can I make a comic with my friend?

Can I go get a book from the principal’s office?

Can I have that thing you threw away? I need to build something with it.

Can I have that thing you threw away? I want to take it home.

Can I have that thing you threw away? I just need it.

Can you play _________________ with us?

I hope that they always have teachers that tell them yes.


9. Mr. Sharp you should _____________________________.

My students are great at giving me advice. I suppose you could say that they double as my life coach.

Mr. Sharp you should get a haircut.

Mr. Sharp you should buy this book.

Mr. Sharp you should get us a couch.

Mr. Sharp you should take your kids to ________________ movie.

Mr. Sharp I think your kids would like __________________. You should buy it for them.

Mr. Sharp you should get a class pet.

Mr. Sharp you should give us an extra recess.

10. Everything

I’m going to miss everything about them. My third graders are the bomb. It has been a joy and a privilege to spend the year with them.

I can’t wait to see what I love about teaching fifth grade!



3 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Going To Miss About Teaching Third Graders

  1. Left my third graders 7 years ago to teach 5th grade. I absolutely love the 5th – grade curriculum. I also enjoy having more “adult” conversations with my students. Yet, there are times when I miss the warm, genuine smiles and hugs from my 3rd graders. Fifth-graders are awesome, but there is always a shift in the tides when they return from Christmas break. It will be something you will just have to wait and experience first hand. Good luck and enjoy your new class 🙂


  2. Me. Sharp, I think you will always love lots of things about the kids in whatever grade you teach. Simply because kids are amazing and spending time with them in a classroom every day is amazing. But you already know that!!!


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