Building A Reading Community Takes A Village

You never know when something awesome is going to happen at school. On Monday, I was hanging out with my students. We were about to start read aloud when my principal walked in. I’m sure that for some educators a principal walking can be pretty scary. Not for the me. My principal is amazing. What happened when she walked in blew my mind. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen a principal do.

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11 thoughts on “Building A Reading Community Takes A Village

  1. That was such an awesome surprise! What a great village for you and your students to be a part of. I am a K-5 librarian and work with an amazing village as well. We’ve caught the book talk bug at our school and are finding new ways to share with others about the reading we’re doing using Flipgrid, GoAnimate, and Adobe Spark Videos. The kids love to do this and I’m just so glad to see them talking about the books they love.


  2. I spend mostly my own money. I never mind spending for book love. I mean, c’mon….is there a better feeling in the world than seeing a child’s face light up when you hand him/her THE book?!


  3. I buy books for my classroom whenever I can! I currently have about 1000 books.Would you be willing to share your list of books? I’ve been looking for some new titles for my classroom, too!


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