It’s A Wonderful Sweater! | Interview

I absolutely love teaching in my hometown. LOVE IT. A lot of kids that grow up in Jackson County are under the impression that Jackson is a place that is forced to live in, and the goal in life should be to get out as fast as you can. While I have respect for view, it is pretty much the opposite of how I have always felt. Jackson is filled with some pretty amazing people, and I feel blessed to call it my home.

Nicholas Rush runs The Resale Depot. It is a resale store ran by a local church. They divide the profits up and donate the to various ministries. Mr. Rush is working on changing the perception of Jackson by highlighting local community members in his series: It’s A Wonderful Sweater. Each episode features a Jacksonian talking about what they do, and why they love the city.

It was an honor to be a part of It’s A Wonderful Sweater. You can find my episode below.

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