5 Ways You to Support Authors and Illustrators

Yesterday at lunch, I created a quick video with some tips for how you can easily support book creators. The more support they get from their readers, the more likely they will be able to continue to write awesome books for kids!

Here’s another video I made about the importance of supporting independent bookstores.


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One thought on “5 Ways You to Support Authors and Illustrators

  1. GREAT VIDEO on how you can help an Author or Illustrator! I am celebrating my first traditionally published picture book titled, MEET the QUACKERS! A special delivery of twelve quacking ducklings arrives at the farm, and disrupts the routine, peaceful life of the barnyard animals. It’s chaos in the barn! Where will they sleep? Will there ever be peace and quiet on the farm again? Kids of all ages will QUACK out loud when reading and counting the Quackers in this fun and lively barnyard counting book! MEET the QUACKERS is Written by Tania Guarino (that’s me) and Illustrated by Shane Crampton. Published by Clear Fork Publishing on July 18, 2017. It’s all Five Star Reviews on Amazon and B&N! Please leave a sweet review if you’ve read it. LET’S GET QUACKING! Thank you so much!


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