5 Classroom Library Tweaks

For a classroom library to be effective it must be treated as if it is a living organism. A library that doesn’t evolve with your students probably isn’t going to be very effective for very long. My classroom library has changed a ton the first 100 days of the school year (We haven’t actually had 100 days of school, I just like that nice round number). In the video below I share 5 ways in which the library has changed based on the needs of my readers.

Below you’ll find my classroom library tour video from the start of the school year.

I’d love to know how your classroom/school library has changed so far during the school year. Please let me know in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “5 Classroom Library Tweaks

  1. Your heart beats in the same vein as those of us who are school librarians. My collection mirrors the interests of my students as well as those books they don’t know just yet but knowing them as I do, are titles I know they will love.

    I share in the feeling when I can’t provide the book(s) I know my kids want to read. I’m just as disappointed as they are. I’ve been buying a lot of books out of pocket lately because the school’s money goes so quickly and I want them to get the books they want to read.

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  2. My classroom library has also grown based on interests and recommendations. Every Monday we book talk and I make sure to get the books that my students recommend that others want to read. I’m also constantly finding new books to read and recommend and those are going into the library. New books that have been popular are Greetings From Witness Protection, Slider, and The Greenglass House. Fish in a Tree, The One and Only Ivan, Fenway and Hattie, The Land Of Stories, Finding Perfect, Inside Out and Back Again have also been extremely popular, along with any graphic novel I can find. The problem that I am having is that I am running out of space And I can’t add any more bins or shelves due to fire code. I’d love to know how you or other readers handle space issues. I teach 2 – 5.


      1. Every year my reader’s interests change and so does the focus of my library!. My problem (?) with weeding out unread books, is that frequently those books are the ‘hot interests’ of next years’ readers. For example, this year Shiloh and the sequels are big hits but last year I couldn’t give it away.


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