My Top 10 Videos of 2017: #5-1

top videos

As I write this post, I sit at 488 YouTube subscribers. At this time last year I had about 100. I’ve been on YouTube fore 6+ years, so it has been pretty crazy to see all the support and love for my channel this year. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed. It means the world to me. My goal when creating videos is to make sure a voice exists on YouTube that promotes reading and writing workshop, a love of reading, and a celebration of amazing children’s books. Excited to see what 2018 will bring!

#5 That Time I Went on an AR Rant

This video sure did stir the pot. I even ran into a kid at Target yesterday that somehow saw this video. Small world, right?

#4 One Question With Dan Santat

It was such a privilege to be able to share this video of Dan Santat sharing why he dedicated his picture book After The Fall to his wife. If you are watching it for the first time, make sure you have facial tissue ready. This one is a tear jerker!

#3 Classroom Library Tour 2017-2018

This was probably my favorite video to make. I love working on my classroom library, and moving from third to fifth grade this school year caused me to put a lot of thought into how my library would change.

#2 Day 2 Setting Up My New Classroom

I think the most popular education videos on YouTube are classroom setup and tour videos. We love getting a look inside other educator’s classrooms.

#1 First Day in My New Classroom

I think what made this video good, was impossible setting up a classroom appears at the beginning. We all feel so overwhelmed, yet we always manage to find a way to get our rooms ready for that first day with students.

A huge thank you to everyone that has watched a video, subscribed to my channel, and shared one of my videos on social media. I’m really looking forward to trying to create 100 videos in 2018!


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