Classroom Library Book Checkout System

book checkout

Managing a classroom library is tricky. Books are coming and going, and if you don’t have an effective checkout system, you are probably going to lose a bunch of books. I’ve tried a bunch of different systems over the years, and nothing seemed to work for my students.

In this video I talk about the different checkout systems that I tried, and what we currently use.

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2 thoughts on “Classroom Library Book Checkout System

  1. Same here, Colby. I tried several “formal” checkout systems and they all amounted to kids spending too much time checking in or out and not enough time reading. So now they take the books, they bring them back. And mostly they do. Peer pressure often keeps hot titles moving through the group. I occasionally send out family appeals to check the books and crannies at home. Living in the same area as my students, I often find a title in my mailbox in the summer. If I lose a couple each year-then someone else now owns a good book.

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