I Bought a Bunch of a Books at a Scholastic Reading Summit

I love shopping for books! A couple of weeks ago I was at the Chicago Scholastic Reading Summit. They had a pretty sweet book fair there. It was similar to your typical book fair, but it also had tables of books created by Scholastic book lovers John Schu and Donalyn Miller. During one of the breaks in the day, I bought a bunch of books. Check out what books I got in the video below.

In other news, my next book is available for pre-order. I had so much fun working on Game Changer: Book Access for all Kids with Donalyn Miller. She is brilliant, and I learned a ton working with her on this book. If you liked to pre-order a copy, just click on the cover below.


Check out a description of the book from the publisher:

Literacy advocates with a deep passion for books—bestselling author Donalyn Miller and 5th grade teacher Colby Sharp—showcase the power of children’s access to books, providing teachers and administrators with the tools and information they need to increase children’s meaningful engagement with books and to launch or sustain book access initiatives in their communities.

Through research and testimonials from voices in the field and their own classroom experiences, Miller and Sharp provide practical and resourceful information on a range of topics, including examples of successful school and classroom libraries, the power of book ownership, the importance of access to culturally diverse books, and meaningful family-community reading engagement.

In Game Changer! You’ll Find:

    • Years of independent reading classroom program know-how and research for educators at every level.
    • Routines, rituals, and lessons for developing a community of readers in schools and classrooms.
    • Practical tips on ways to develop children’s positive reading identities, reading engagement, and academic growth.
    • Tactics to increase access to and use of diverse children’s and young adult literature and an appreciation for its role in children’s literacy development.
    • Suggestions for fostering independent reading habits at school and at home.




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