Classroom Library Today: A New Book Creates Interest In Other Books

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I am blessed to receive some advanced reader copies of books before they come out. During spring break I got a copy of the graphic novel adaptation of Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover.


Many of my students have read Kwame’s novels in verse The Crossover and Booked. When I showed the kids the graphic novel adaptation of The Crossover they freaked out. When I asked if anyone wanted to be the first reader a couple dozen hands shot into the air. Only one of my students could be the first reader, but what was cool about the whole event was how many other students wanted to read Kwame’s other books. Hearing their classmates talk about how good The Crossover was led to 3 kids picking up a copy and starting to read it. All of my copies of Booked were also borrowed.

Constantly adding new books to the classroom library is extremely important. My readers have been with me for more than 140 days, and I have to make sure that our library grows as they grow as readers, and as I get to know them better. The cool thing about adding new books to a classroom library is that it doesn’t just give kids new books to be excited about, but it also helps bring other books to their attention. I’m excited to have some new Kwame Alexander fans in my classroom. I can’t wait to talk about his books with them.

Kwame’s new picture book came out on the same day, so we of course had to end the day reading The Undefeated together. You have to check out this book! It is important.



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2 thoughts on “Classroom Library Today: A New Book Creates Interest In Other Books

  1. Kwame Alexander is an amazing author, and person! I’ve been lucky enough to follow him around this week on his Crossover/Booked (now in paperback) bus tour, where he is also reading aloud The Undefeated to the crowd. It’s something to hear an award-winning author read his own books. Have fun reading, class!


  2. I got to listen to Kwame Alexander YESTERDAY in Kalamazoo. What an INCREDIBLE poet/author/human! Thoroughly impressed with him and Randy Preston. Want them to come to my school to help inspire the children of Marshall/Albion! Excited to read some more of his work, too!


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