Classroom Library Today: Our School Library Influences My Classroom Library

Classroom (2)

One of my students came back from the library recently excited to try out a new series. This reader often struggles to find books that he wants to read that are not too challenging for him. He wants to read the books that some of his classmates are reading, but he quickly gets frustrated when he realized he cannot read them independently.

Seeing him come back from the library, excited about a series that I knew he could read make my heart happy. The book that he checked out was Five Fouls and You’re Out, a book in the Sports Illustrated Kids Victory School Superstars series.

five fouls.jpg

Watching him get lost in his library book made me so happy. As soon as he finished the book, he rushed up to me to tell me all about it. The joy in this reader’s voice is what we hope all of our readers experience. After he got done telling me all about the book, he showed me a two page spread at the end showing other books in the series (below).


He looked up at me hoping I would find a way to get these books into our school. I asked him if he wanted to make a list a few books in the series that we should add to our classroom library. He smiled and nodded. I’m working on getting them ordered for our classroom library.

I know that my classroom library can never replace our school library, but it sure can help me figure out what books I need to add to it. Adding a few books from this series to our classroom library will help others find the series. Once they get hooked, I can send them to the library to check out other books in the series. When classroom and school libraries compliment each other readers win.

I think that we all want our readers to win.


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One thought on “Classroom Library Today: Our School Library Influences My Classroom Library

  1. Isn’t that joy on a child’s face priceless?! That’s what I strive for everyday!
    This is such an important series for so many readers from the children just ready for chapter books to the older struggling reader. Happily, there are many in the series and it is constantly growing. I’m so glad your student discovered them!


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