Sunday Nights E3 Partially Proficient

In the latest episode of Partially Proficient, Alaina and I talk about the stresses of Sunday nights. Click on the image below to tune in.

Mural Artist

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Nights E3 Partially Proficient

  1. Colby and Alaina,

    I’ve been listening to your new podcast as I walk or drive and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so much of your teaching and personal lives. I, as well as many other teachers that listen, can relate totally to your topics, the hopes and goals you have for your classrooms, as well as the things you struggle with and working to change. The “Sunday Nights” podcast really hit home and I wanted to tell you that it’s not just teachers that have trouble Sunday nights. My husband who is in an upper level management role, hates Sunday nights too. He dreads the start of a new week and the endless back-to-back meetings, constant jockeying for position, no time to finish his own work, etc. as much as teachers do… It’s really a sad reflection of our society I think and I think as teachers, we see what the impact of less family time is doing to our kids.

    I think you are both too hard on yourselves and are probably doing a much better job of balancing your professional/family lives than you think! At least you have each other for support and it is so helpful to be married to a teacher…a teacher is the only one that understands the workload, frustration, all-encompassing nature of our profession.

    Happy Friday!


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