The Kid That Finds Things

I have a kid in my class that finds things. It feels like every time we go outside for a mask-break (recess) he comes back with something interesting. He’s found a broken golf ball, a bronze Sharpie, a mask filter, a metal pipe, a rubber thingy, a Shopkin, an old baseball, and a bunch of other things.

After about the third day of school, I helped him start a Padlet board that looks a lot like a blog. Each time he finds something, he posts it along with a short description, to his blog. The kids in class love following along, and often I find other kids walking around outside looking for things.

I’m not sure why I think this is so fascinating, but this kid’s “Cool Stuff I’ve Found” blog makes me so happy. When we went to virtual school last spring, one of the things I missed the most was getting to know kids, and learning about all of their little quirks.

Yesterday’s post on the found things blog was about the outside of a basketball that was found yesterday on the playground. He took what was left of the ball, and turned it into a placement to hold his iPad.

Kids are so cool.

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