The Best #kidlit Release Day of 2020?

Today at lunch, I was scrolling through Instagram while eating my lunch, when I realized that so many amazing books entered the world today. I love geeking out about the books coming out each Tuesday, and today seemed like an extra awesome week.

I should do a better job of tracking this sort of thing, but it does seem like publishers have identified a few Tuesdays each year to drop a bunch of awesome titles. I’m sure that they’ve done tons of research on this. Smart people working in those publishing houses. My totally uneducated thoughts have me thinking that we have one of these epic release dates at the end of January or very beginning of February, late August, and another one right round the start of fall. Maybe I’m crazy.

I’ll list some of the awesome 2020 books that came out today that I think everyone should read.

Class Act by Jerry Craft

The follow up to his Newbery Medal winning book is every bit as awesome as New Kid. Kids are going to LOVE getting to experience Drew’s story.

Twins by Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright

All those fans of Roller Girl, Smile, and Real Friends may have just found their new favorite book. I couldn’t stop turning pages. Add this one to your Newbery AND Caldecott short list. It is AMAZING!

Closer to Nowhere by Ellen Hopkins

I think readers are going to have a hard time going to sleep with pages of Closer to Nowhere left to read. I couldn’t stop turning pages!

Above the Rim by Jen Bryan and Frank Morrison

This picture book biography about the life of NBA legend Elgin Baylor is so important in today’s world. Readers that are following the social justice work being done by NBA players today are going to be fascinated to learn about the work Elgin did as an NBA rookie.

I’m sure that I’m missing a bunch of awesome titles, but the four I listed are MUST READS!

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