The Perfect Book for My Collector

Last week, I wrote about the kid in my class that finds things. Over the weekend, I was running during my daughters’ gymnastics practice when Candace Fleming and Gérard Dubois’s The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell popped into my head. I loved reading this picture book when it was published in 2018. It is the story of artist Joey Cornell. He’s a kid that collected EVERYTHING as a child, and ended up becoming an extremely successful artist that made cool stuff out of the junk he collected. Learning about cool and unique people is one of my favorite things about reading picture book biographies. I just had to read this book to my class this year. The that finds things would love it!

On Monday morning, the first thing I did when I got to my classroom was find The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell. I spent most of the day looking forward to reading it aloud to my fifth graders.

I decided to read the book before our end of the day mask break. The Kid That Finds things LOVED it, and he spent our entire mask break trying to find more things to add to his collection.

Reading aloud books at the end of each day is so much fun. I pick books for lots of different reasons. I think that one of my favorite reasons is when I find a book that I think a certain kid will absolutely love. It worked out magically yesterday, and I will continue to be on the lookout for books that will reach the hearts of each and every one of my readers.

Each day at school I walk by this tree during our morning mask break. I thought it might be fun to share an update of the tree at the end of each one of my blog posts. It is magical watching the leaves slowly turn. Today, was super foggy, so the tree looked almost majestic.

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