I Love When They Get Excited

Yesterday, we reviewed some of the things that we had been learning in social studies using Kahoot!. I didn’t think it was a groundbreaking review, or that it was anything to get all that excited about. I’m not in love with the platform, but I thought it might be a decent way to review things.

Holy smokes! The kids went bonkers. They loved it. By the third question, they were all standing, dancing to the semi-annoying music, and celebrating each correct answer.

If I had more time, I probably could have developed a better review, but I’m glad I didn’t. More than ever, we need to have fun in the classroom. The world is sort of burning down around us, so putting smiles on the faces of my fifth graders is pretty high up on my priority list.

Everything is not going to be as fun and exciting as the first time a classroom experiences Kahoot! together, but I do think that I will try to find as many ways as I can to make our time together this year fun. I have always focused on fun, but it seems more important this year.

I hope you have fun with your kiddos today!

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