My Second Favorite Teacher

I love it when a kid tells me that I am their second favorite teacher. It makes me think that they are having a great year with me, AND that they hold a special place in their heart for a teacher they had in the past. I usually follow up this “compliment” by asking them what they loved about their favorite teacher. They almost always tell me a story. There is nothing like the stories children tell about their favorite teachers.

Yesterday, our new math intervention teacher Ms. Allen stopped by to give my kids a math screener. Ms. Allen is working a couple of days a week at our school to help our kiddos out with math. Ms. Allen was an amazing classroom teacher that served my school for decades. Her last classroom of first graders are now my fifth graders.

The joy that Ms. Allen brought to my classroom was PURE magic. The kids were just as excited to see Ms. Allen as she was to see them. When she left, I noticed that a kid wrote this on his desk.

I like Ms. Allen, too. If I can be the second best teacher to Ms. Allen, I know that I’m doing something right.

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