Books I’d Like to Read Aloud Someday

Last week, while make a video about my favorite read alouds, I kept coming across books that I’d love to try reading aloud. I mix it up quite a bit each year, but I’ll never be able to read aloud all the books to kids that I want to.

Since I can’t read every book aloud to kids, I figured that the next best thing would be to make a video where I go on and on and on about the wonderful books I want to read aloud.

Here’s a video that I did about five of my favorite books to read aloud to kids. It seems like most of my videos lately have been about reading aloud. I feel like reading aloud is holding on to its magic during this difficult time.

Check out the first 10 books I read my students this year:

Check out my list of AWESOME 2020 books:

Check out the list of books I have read my students during the 2020-2021 school year.


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One thought on “Books I’d Like to Read Aloud Someday

  1. “Holes,” I love this book, but have never read it aloud to a group of kids! I put this book into the hands of so many, every single year! I book talk it, kids recommend to others, I add it to the book club novel study. It is one I’d enjoy reading aloud. However, time is limited! New books just keep coming! It will likely remain in the books I love to share, but don’t read aloud pile. There are great stories I love to share that aren’t as accessible, so I’ll read those instead!


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