back to virtual

On Sunday night, the governor of Michigan announced that starting Wednesday, she would be transitioning all 9-12 grade students in Michigan to virtual learning.

This announcement made me happy. My wife is a high school chemistry teacher, and the idea of her being with more than 100 students each day made me feel sick to my stomach.

Today, my elementary felt a little bit like a ghost town. It was quite. Almost eeire. The building didn’t have the normal buzz that you find in an elementary building.

Spending the day with my fifth graders was calming. It always feels good spending time with them, but I think we were all a little nervous about what was in store for us.

About a half hour after the day ended, we learned that starting Wednesday our entire district would be virtual for at least two weeks (at least three for our high school). I can’t really explain what it felt like to learn this news. School doesn’t feel safe, but it does feel nice to be with the kids.

This is all so hard. I hate it.

I’m hoping that the next two weeks will give us a chance to catch our breath. Things have been hard at school with all the cases, and the unexpected heartbreaking moments our district has experienced.

My school is too strong to break, but it has felt a little bit like we struggling to get through the days. We don’t usually “get through the days”, but things have been different the last week and a half.

I am guessing that many of you are struggling, too. Hang in there, and please take care of yourself. You can’t take care of your family or your students if you are not okay.

We ended our day with this beautiful picture book. Seemed like a fitting title for what we are going through this year.

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