I Hope You Like Book 2 as Much as Book 1

Last night, I went to a wrestling “Try it Night” for the youth wrestling program in our district because my second grade son is interested in giving wrestling a try.

During the event I was able to chat with one of my students who was at the event to watch his sister wrestle. He was excited to share with me that after school he was able to finish the first book in the Wings of Fire series. He was so excited! This kid has fallen hard for the book. Each day he tells me about the different things going on in the book. I almost feel like I’ve read the book myself.

This morning when he came into class, I had book 2 waiting on his desk with a short note from me. Watching the smile stretch across his face when he read the note was pretty cool.

Building a community of readers is a day in and day out journey, and it is often the little things lay the foundation for a love of reading to grow.

I’m always on the lookout for more ways to help my readers have positive experiences with reading. If you have any ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments!


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