The Books My Students Are Reading

My fifth graders and I have spend a lot of time this week preparing for reading over winter break. We’ve listened to book talks, made reading plans, and discussed the things we need to do to be successful readers the next couple of weeks.

In the video below I share the books that my amazing students are currently reading.

To learn more about how we prepare for reading during school breaks, check out the video below.

I’d love to know how you help your readers get ready for reading when they are outside your classroom/school reading community. Please let me know in the comments below the great things you are doing to help your kids.


My Five Favorite 2018 Fiction Picture Books

Sharing picture books with my students is one of the best parts of my job. 2018 was a year filled with some pretty amazing fiction picture books. I hope you check out the five books I am nominating for the Nerdy Book Club awards. If you’d like to nominate your favorite 2018 books click here.

Books My Fifth Graders Are Reading |November 2018

I cannot believe we have already been in school for more than three months. It has been so much fun watching my students find new authors to love, series to devour, and genres to explore. I thought making a video sharing the books we are reading would be a fun way to share what we’re up to, and celebrate all the awesome readers I have in my class.