#TitleTalk is Back! 10/29 Classroom Libraries

Please join Donalyn Miller and me for #Titletalk 10/29 at 9 PM Eastern. #Titletalk is a monthly Twitter chat about reading and books.


The First Day of Fifth Grade Camp Was Perfect | VLOG

One of the coolest things about moving from third to fifth grade is that I now get to go to fifth grade camp. Each year the fifth graders at Parma Elementary travel to northern Michigan for three days and two night at Mystic Lake Campground. Watching my students grow together as a class and grow up a little bit as individuals made my heart full.

Below you will find a video I made documenting our first day of camp. Enjoy!

Happy Saturday: Read Some Awesome Books Today

I keep forgetting to make Saturday morning videos. Had a few minutes this morning, so . I made one where I talk about the great books I’ve been reading.


Books featured in this video:

Ben Franklin’s In My Bathroom by Candace Fleming and Mark Fearing

Most People by Michael Leannah and Jennifer E. Morris

A Different Pond by Bao Phi and Thi Bui

Good Things Happen When I’m On Top of My Game | VLOG

The more I teach, the more I realize that the quality of our day in the classroom is extremely dependent on me. If I am off, the kids will be off. If I’m awesome, the kids will be awesome. We can come with every excuse in the book for why our days don’t go well, but it can pretty much always be improved if we do a better job, bring more energy, and create a school day where kids are super engaged.