Making The Last Week Before Break Awesome

It is easy to look at the last week before a school break as something to be stressed out about. It isn’t the easiest time for many of our students. I tried to make the most of our last week before break, and I think things turned out pretty darn good. Our pet tortoise had a visitor, we finished an amazing read aloud, our winter party was off the chain, and our I got the coolest gift from a student. Be sure to check out the video below to see just how awesome our week was.

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Do You Have a Favorite Picture Book Read Aloud? | VLOG

One thing that I want to talk about in a future VLOG is how much I love being read aloud to by teachers and librarians. I think it is really easy for educators to miss out on this magic. We so often are the ones reading the book, and we need to make sure we experience more read alouds from the other end of the book. Yesterday, Margie Culver read a couple of books aloud to my students, and I was enchanted.


Am I Faster Than A Fifth Grader? | VLOG

Running the mile in fourth and fifth grade at Parma Elementary is a really big deal. Kids run it at the start of the year and then work all year to try and improve their time. Yesterday my student ran their beginning of the year mile. I decided to run it with them. It was so much fun.

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The Creativity Project ARCs Have Arrived | VLOG

It was very exciting to open a box of advanced reader copies of my book The Creativity Project in my classroom. I gave a copy to my principal and Margie Culver. They asked me to sign their books!

The 9th day of school was wonderful. We have a bunch of testing to do the next couple of days, so I tried my best to soak up each and every minute with my students yesterday.

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Our Classroom Is A Hot Mess | VLOG

Day 8

Has something new in your classroom ever caused you to move just about everything around? That happened to me yesterday, and it resulted in the room becoming pretty wild messy. Eight days in and we’re still trying to figure out how to make the room work for us.

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VLOG | Top Secret Meeting

(seventh day of school)

I was feeling a little off yesterday, but today I felt amazing. Probably the best day of the school year! Looking forward to a four day weekend with my family.

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VLOG | Receiving Notes From My Former Students

I was about to go home yesterday, when I decided that it had been a while since I checked my school mailbox. Inside my box I found a handful of notes from the third graders I taught yesterday. It made my heart so happy that they chose to write letters to reconnect with me. It was a wonderful day.

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