Books My Fifth Graders Are Reading |November 2018

I cannot believe we have already been in school for more than three months. It has been so much fun watching my students find new authors to love, series to devour, and genres to explore. I thought making a video sharing the books we are reading would be a fun way to share what we’re up to, and celebrate all the awesome readers I have in my class.


Genesis Begins Here by Alicia D. Williams | Book Talk

Genesis Begins Again is one of the best books I have ever read. Alicia D. Williams’s debut is one that will live in the hearts of readers for the rest of their life. If you read one book that I recommend, this year I hope you’ll make it this one.

The Books My Students Are Reading | October 2018

I am always fascinated by what I notice when I take all of the books my students are reading, and look at them together. Yesterday, I had my students put their current book on a table in our classroom before they headed to gym. In the video below, you’ll find my thoughts on the amazing books my kids are reading.

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Talking About Reading Levels | Game Changer! Video

Talking about reading levels tends to get a lot of people riled up. Donalyn Miller and I spent a lot of time sharing our thoughts on the topic in our book Game Changer! You can get a little taste of our reading levels opinions in the latest game changer video.

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