Book Talking Picture Books | VLOG

My students are getting so much better at book talks. Hooray!

I forgot to do any filming the afternoon or after school, so this episode is super short.


I Don’t Remember What We Did Today | VLOG

Teaching is exhausting. I’m sure a lot of jobs are really tiring, and I am not saying that teaching is harder than those jobs. I’m just saying that a day of teaching and evening of parent/teacher conferences sure can take a lot out of you.

I have always loved celebrating kids, talking about how to help them reach their potential, and listening to parents during conferences.

Today’s VLOG probably doesn’t contain anything that is going to rock someone’s world. That’s okay. Teaching is about putting everything you have into each and every day. Some days may be a little more interesting than others, but ever day matters. Each and every day could be the most important day of the year for one of our students, and we must give them everything we have.


Book Fair Preview | VLOG

My students love the Scholastic Book Fair. It rolls into town a couple of times a year, and for those 10 school days, my students get their only taste of something that resembles a bookshop. Watching them explore the shelves with excitement and wonder brings my heart joy.

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I created a podcast using Anchor. It is a super simple platform, that has allowed me to reflect in real time about my school year. I’m loving it. Anchor even takes care of sending the show to various podcast sites. Pretty cool. Check out my show on iTunes by clicking on the image below.

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Come With Me | VLOG

Yesterday, I read my students one of my favorite 2017 picture books: Come With Me. It is a beautiful picture book that helps young readers think about their place in today’s divided and scary world.

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I’ve been having a ton of fun exploring with the audio platform Anchor. Check out my channel below.

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Exploring Write About | VLOG

Brad Wilson is one of my all-time favorite people. He spent a lot of time working in the ed tech field, and he has a deep understanding of best practices in the world of teaching reading and writing.

Brad spent a good chunk of the day on Tuesday with me and my students. It was a great day.

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After The Fall Is A Love Letter to My Wife – Dan Santat

Dan Santat is an extremely talented author and illustrator. His books are always very popular with my students. He is so popular that we named our class tortoise after his character Beekle. Dan was kind enough to answer my question: Why did you dedicate After The Fall to your wife?

Dan’s response blew me away. I’ve never heard anyone talk about anxiety and postpartum depression so openly and honestly. I think this video is important, and I hope you’ll share it far and wide.

Thank you so much for watching.

Check out the book trailer for Dan’s latest picture book After The Fall.

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One Question With Jen Vincent

I love being friends with Jen Vincent. She has taught me so much about blogging, books, and the importance of teachers as writers.

The Question I asked Jen: What are some tips you have for teacher writers to help them write during the busy school year? Be sure to answer the question Jen leaves at the end of the video in the comments below.

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