5 Classroom Library Tweaks

For a classroom library to be effective it must be treated as if it is a living organism. A library that doesn’t evolve with your students probably isn’t going to be very effective for very long. My classroom library has changed a ton the first 100 days of the school year (We haven’t actually had 100 days of school, I just like that nice round number). In the video below I share 5 ways in which the library has changed based on the needs of my readers.

Below you’ll find my classroom library tour video from the start of the school year.

I’d love to know how your classroom/school library has changed so far during the school year. Please let me know in the comments below!



VLOG | Receiving Notes From My Former Students

I was about to go home yesterday, when I decided that it had been a while since I checked my school mailbox. Inside my box I found a handful of notes from the third graders I taught yesterday. It made my heart so happy that they chose to write letters to reconnect with me. It was a wonderful day.

Catch up on previous 2017-2018 school vlogs in the playlist below.

I started a new video series called One Question With Mr. Sharp. Check out the first episode below!

Nonfiction Explosion in The Classroom Library

Yesterday was an amazing work day in my classroom. Margie (@loveofxena) spent the day working with me, and we got a ton done. Working with her has made me think about how so often setting up a classroom is done in isolation. One teacher, in charge of the entire classroom, making all the decisions on their own. I am so thankful that I had Margie to help me figure out how to make the room student friendly.

Check out the rest of my classroom set up videos below.

Panthers Podcast: Episode 6

My friend Mr. Gilpin and I took the summer off from Panthers Podcast, but we found a little bit of time yesterday at the #TeamJXN Ed Teck Kickoff to record an episode.

Yesterday’s guests were Alaina Sharp and Suzanne Gibbs. We had a wonderful discussion about classroom design and building relationships with our students.


To listen to the podcast in iTunes click the image below.

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