One Question With Ruth Behar

I thought it would be fun to start a video series where I interview teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators, principals, and whoever else I can think of. Each interview will be one, and only one question.

Up first: Ruth Behar

Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to hear Ruth’s question for you.

Thanks for watching!

Be sure to check out Ruth’s book Lucky Broken Girl. It is fantastic!



Nonfiction Explosion in The Classroom Library

Yesterday was an amazing work day in my classroom. Margie (@loveofxena) spent the day working with me, and we got a ton done. Working with her has made me think about how so often setting up a classroom is done in isolation. One teacher, in charge of the entire classroom, making all the decisions on their own. I am so thankful that I had Margie to help me figure out how to make the room student friendly.

Check out the rest of my classroom set up videos below.