Making The Last Week Before Break Awesome

It is easy to look at the last week before a school break as something to be stressed out about. It isn’t the easiest time for many of our students. I tried to make the most of our last week before break, and I think things turned out pretty darn good. Our pet tortoise had a visitor, we finished an amazing read aloud, our winter party was off the chain, and our I got the coolest gift from a student. Be sure to check out the video below to see just how awesome our week was.

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VLOG | Receiving Notes From My Former Students

I was about to go home yesterday, when I decided that it had been a while since I checked my school mailbox. Inside my box I found a handful of notes from the third graders I taught yesterday. It made my heart so happy that they chose to write letters to reconnect with me. It was a wonderful day.

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VLOG | Do You Even Breakout?

On Friday, Mrs. Sharp led a Breakout with my fifth graders. It was a lot fun watching them try to figure out the clues. I learned so much about my students during the process: which kids work well with others, who is willing to work through difficult problems, who loves to work with their hands. The more I learn about my students the more I love them.