Vlogging In Seattle

I had a blast and I learned a ton at the Scholastic Reading Summit in Seattle. I attempted to vlog each day. VLOGGING IS REALLY HARD. Editing each vlog was frustrating because I kept thinking about what pieces of video I should have recorded. I’m still learning how to create quality vlogs. Hopefully, I’ll get better each time.

Please let me know what you think!

The Chicago Scholastic Reading Summit


I had the honor of presenting at the Scholastic Reading Summit yesterday in Chicago. It was fun sharing the story of Parma Elementary with my principal Ms. Haney.  My hope is that they found value in what we had to say.

This past school year my students were obsessed with YouTube. Many of them didn’t just watch YouTube videos, they also created them. Their passion towards creating content has made me want to spend the summer trying to figure out how I can better serve my students that live in this YouTube world. One thing that I have decided to try is creating more YouTube videos. I’ve  created a lot of videos in the past, but they are mostly just one take videos. It seemed like a good idea to try and make videos like the ones my students are watching. Filming myself playing Minecraft didn’t seem like a good idea, so I decided to try and tackle Vlogging. I’m not going to do it every day this summer, but I will do it when I’m doing a lot of school related activities. You can find my two vlogs from the reading summit below.

My First Look At My New Classroom

Yesterday, I walked through my new classroom for the first time. It made me feel all sorts of things: nervous, excited, curious, scared. I cannot wait for the custodial crew to finish cleaning so that I can get in and start putting the pieces together.

UPDATE: The awesome red chair is going with the teacher that use to be in my room to her new school. That was a pretty big bummer, but I did find out that it was from IKEA, so maybe I’ll be able to pick one up sometime this summer.