Drop Everything and Tortoise | VLOG

Our classroom pet joined us yesterday. She is a Russian tortoise, and she is awesome. The kids flipped out. It was magical watching them interact with our new friend.

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One Question With Jen Vincent

I love being friends with Jen Vincent. She has taught me so much about blogging, books, and the importance of teachers as writers.

The Question I asked Jen: What are some tips you have for teacher writers to help them write during the busy school year? Be sure to answer the question Jen leaves at the end of the video in the comments below.

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Do You Have a Favorite Picture Book Read Aloud? | VLOG

One thing that I want to talk about in a future VLOG is how much I love being read aloud to by teachers and librarians. I think it is really easy for educators to miss out on this magic. We so often are the ones reading the book, and we need to make sure we experience more read alouds from the other end of the book. Yesterday, Margie Culver read a couple of books aloud to my students, and I was enchanted.


Reading For Rewards Is Not The Way To Go – Brandon Blom

I am a huge fan of Brandon Blom. His energy is addicting. He had a lot of success getting rid of Accelerated Reader when he was a principal. Brandon is this week’s guest on ON Question With Mr. Sharp. I just had to ask him if he had any advice for administrators that want to get rid of Accelerated Reader in their schools.

Follow Brandon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandonkblom

Brandon talks more about getting rid of AR in this blog post: http://www.brandonkblom.com/2016/12/no-ar-no-big-deal.html

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