Phil Bildner Talks Author Visits

I asked author Phil Bildner if he could talk about why he thinks schools should find ways to budget for author visits. His response was perfect.

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Happy Saturday: Read Some Awesome Books Today

I keep forgetting to make Saturday morning videos. Had a few minutes this morning, so . I made one where I talk about the great books I’ve been reading.


Books featured in this video:

Ben Franklin’s In My Bathroom by Candace Fleming and Mark Fearing

Most People by Michael Leannah and Jennifer E. Morris

A Different Pond by Bao Phi and Thi Bui

Good Things Happen When I’m On Top of My Game | VLOG

The more I teach, the more I realize that the quality of our day in the classroom is extremely dependent on me. If I am off, the kids will be off. If I’m awesome, the kids will be awesome. We can come with every excuse in the book for why our days don’t go well, but it can pretty much always be improved if we do a better job, bring more energy, and create a school day where kids are super engaged.

I Don’t Remember What We Did Today | VLOG

Teaching is exhausting. I’m sure a lot of jobs are really tiring, and I am not saying that teaching is harder than those jobs. I’m just saying that a day of teaching and evening of parent/teacher conferences sure can take a lot out of you.

I have always loved celebrating kids, talking about how to help them reach their potential, and listening to parents during conferences.

Today’s VLOG probably doesn’t contain anything that is going to rock someone’s world. That’s okay. Teaching is about putting everything you have into each and every day. Some days may be a little more interesting than others, but ever day matters. Each and every day could be the most important day of the year for one of our students, and we must give them everything we have.


Book Fair Preview | VLOG

My students love the Scholastic Book Fair. It rolls into town a couple of times a year, and for those 10 school days, my students get their only taste of something that resembles a bookshop. Watching them explore the shelves with excitement and wonder brings my heart joy.

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I created a podcast using Anchor. It is a super simple platform, that has allowed me to reflect in real time about my school year. I’m loving it. Anchor even takes care of sending the show to various podcast sites. Pretty cool. Check out my show on iTunes by clicking on the image below.

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