Celebrate! 11/30/2013 #celebratelu

I have been writing “5 Things I Loved About Last Week” posts this fall, and I have found them to be very helpful to my state of mind. Last weekend at NCTE I found out that there is this awesome community that writes similar posts and links them up over at Ruth Ayer’s blog. How cool is that? I’m all about being a part of communities, so I am going to move my thankful posts from Sunday to Saturday so that I can join in on the fun.

celebrate link up

Here are five things I loved about last week (NCTE edition)

1. Meeting Someone New

Each year I travel to NCTE to learn from experts and to spend time with some of my best friends. I have found that it is the time spent with friends between sessions, during a run, or in a taxi-that often lead to some of the best learning of the conference.

This year I met Ruth Ayers at the airport. We kept running into each other throughout the conference. I learned right off the bat that Ms. Ayers is someone that you want to be friends with. She is kind, thoughtful, and she pushes you to think deeply.

I’m thankful that I met Ruth at NCTE.

2. Jenni and Kirby

Jenni Holm and Holm and Kirby Larson are two of my favorite people in the whole entire universe. I met them both at NCTE 2011 in Chicago, and I now consider them to be amazing friends. Getting a chance to spend time with them at NCTE was such a joy.

3. Nerdy Book Club

At NCTE 2011 Nerdy Book Club didn’t exist. At NCTE 2012 we did a Nerdy Book Club session. At NCTE 2013 it felt like Nerdy Book Club had a presence. It was hard to go to a session or walk through the hotel lobby without seeing someone that had Nerdy Book Club ties. I cannot wait to see what Nerdy Book Club has in store for NCTE 2014.

Getting a chance to chat with Donalyn, Cindy, and Katherine (I always think of her as part of the people that help run Nerdy) filled my heart with such joy. They make me a better teacher daily.

4. Presentations

I presented twice at NCTE. Once as a part of the Nerdy session, and once with some pretty important people in a room big enough that it made me feel like throwing up. Both presentations went pretty good, and I learned a lot about myself as a presenter. I’m thankful that I was able to see what I did right, while at the same time being able to identify how I can get better.

I was proud of how I did in both sessions.

5. Year of the U

I got an opportunity to chat with both Linda Urban and Anne Ursu at NCTE. There is not secret that they I feel they have written two of the best 2013 middle grade novels. There is no secret that I feel that they are both deserving of recognition from the Newbery committee.

The best part of getting a chance to chat with them was it helped me remember that there are more important things in this world than the Newbery medal. The impact that their books have on young readers isn’t something that you can give a sticker to.

I’m hoping that if you are reading this post, that you have a lot to celebrate this week as well!


18 thoughts on “Celebrate! 11/30/2013 #celebratelu

  1. Great that you’re joining this celebration day, Colby, and it was really nice to meet you at NCTE. I couldn’t get into your session-all full up, which you should celebrate, but it was disappointing for those of us outside! Happy always to see what you’re writing about, this time celebrating!


  2. Your post about NCTE is a lovely celebration of people, communities and learning. I hope that on day I will have a chance to meet people, whom I know through their written words, face to face. One day I will drink tea with Ruth. (Dreaming is allowed)


  3. Love that you are joining our Saturday celebrations. It’s such a wonderful way to end the week. I also love what you said about Ruth. Although we’ve never met in person, I’ve experienced her friendship, kindness and warmth from afar. She’s simply amazing


  4. Colby,
    I enjoyed reading about your celebrations this week. Thanks for get me on to the #celebratelu ! It’s WONDERFUL how one person can be such a positive influence on the road to life! Thank you!


  5. Colby, the universe is in synch. I loved your five things idea and starting writing my posts on Saturdays. Then I saw that Ruth was connoting with celebrations on Saturdays. I wished I could have been at NCTE. another year.


  6. Colby,
    So happy you are joining the Celebrate link up! It is such a great way to end (and begin) a week! My class celebrates too. We love to reflect on our week and share our happiness with others.

    I attended NCTE for the first time this year and I am sure it was a life changing event! I LOVED your session and left feeling excited and renewed! When I returned to school I wanted to jump on the tables and tell my kids how exciting the conference was (ya know, Colby style). Unfortunately, I didn’t but, I can’t say I won’t try this method one day~ LOVE THE DRAMA and the effect!

    One last note, one of my highlights of NCTE was meeting you at the Nerdy Book Club social! When you came up to me to tell you enjoyed my session I just about died! Meeting you was a goal of mine and thank goodness I was nervous enough that the faces in our round table were a blur because had I realized YOU were at my table I would have thrown up! Franki, Anne Marie and Colby OH MY!
    Looking forward to reading your further celebrations!


  7. I enjoyed catching glimpses into your NCTE experience. I was able to go last year for the first time and hope to be able to eventually go again. In the meantime, I am thankful for so many people who use social media to share glimpses! I especially enjoyed reading about you learning about yourself as a presenter.


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