Bob Shea’s Totally Secret Secret

On Tuesday, Bob Shea visited my school. Right before the kids came into the room he told me a secret about his presentations.

A totally secret secret.

I’m going to tell you Bob’s secret.

Are you ready?

When Bob Shea presents, he calls a student up to help him draw Ballet Cat. Most people probably think that he randomly selects a child.

Most people are wrong.

It is totally rigged.

Bob Shea asked me to find a student that needs a boost. A kid that is a little shy, or maybe a kid that is going through a rough time.

Bob calls that student up to draw with him, and for the next 10 minutes he makes that kid feel like a million dollars. In doing so, he also shows the rest of the school how awesome that kid it. For as long as you live, you will never experience anything more magical than watching Bob Shea make a kids day.

As our second and third graders entered the cafeteria for Bob’s presentation he asked me to point out  one of our students that needed a boost. I picked Heidi. Her house just burned down.

She lost everything.

Heidi seemed so happy when she was drawing with Bob.  A girl in her class came up to me and whispered, “I can’t believe my favorite author Bob Shea picked Heidi. Her house just burned down. This is the best thing ever. EVER!”

That student was right. Bob Shea is the best. Ever.

The story could have ended there. That’s a nice story, right?

Bob Shea took things to the next level by sending the following Tweets the day after his visit.

Since Bob’s tweets, I have received emails, texts, tweets, and direct messages asking for more information on how they can help. Book are being sent by friends, strangers, authors, illustrators, publishers, and teachers. Friends have committed to purchasing Heidi a new writing desk and a bookshelf.

Mind blown.

I am having a hard time processing the greatness that is being shown as a result of Bob’s tweet. People are so nice. So kind. So thoughtful.

Thank you, Bob Shea (I’m sorry for telling your secret).



13 thoughts on “Bob Shea’s Totally Secret Secret

  1. This is exactly all that is right with the world! I love Bob Shea even more after reading this post! I have the chills reading about all the people reaching out to help this little girl with books, a bookcase, and a writing desk.


  2. God bless you all!
    Heidi is a phenominal young lady who I petsonally feel is sooooo beyond her years …I thank you from the bottom of my heart for touching Heidi in such a magical way that it will affect her in such a positive, life altering, mega memory way! You ROCK!


  3. I caught one of those tweets last week, Colby, and was wondering if it was you or Bob who knew Heidi. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this “behind the scenes” glimpse into the style—and heart—of Bob Shea 🙂 Books packed and will soon be on the way—all due to a tweet 😀


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